"I was very impressed with the inspector that came to our property this year. I appreciated his willingness to meet with me and discuss the issues he found. I know our company normally does not like to have the same company that did inspections do repairs too, but I would like to extend the opportunity to AFS. Please send me a repair quote for the issues found at your earliest convenience."

-Stacey B, Raleigh, NC




"Your crew was just here and completed the flow detection valve replacement and everything is back up and running. Thank you for so quickly getting that taken care of."

 - Nathan​ S, Cullowhee, NC

"Service was great as always. A special thank you to Tim for coming out so late for my sprinkler and then back again for the massive leak. He’s a doll! Thank you again for the great customer service."

​ - Julie A, Jacksonville, NC 




"The service provided by the technician went very well. We will like to have him back when we schedule for repairs."

- Inma G, Charlotte, NC​